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The Great Leggings Debate

One of Fashions Biggest Debates is Whether or not Leggings are Actual Pants or Just Clothing for Working Out.

What started off in Yoga studios, Leggings have now become a worldwide trend.  With consumers opting to wear them for work, for working out, or simply as a casual option to chill around the house.  

As a Leggings lover, it's my belief that they can be worn for any occasion.  Paired properly and leggings are suitable for working out, work, and even more formal attire like a cocktail party.  Take that pair of dark leggings, grab a cute clean jacket and you're ready to go.

Leggings may be one of the most versatile articles of clothing ever invented.  In today's busy world we all want to feel comfortable and at the same time look stylish and hip.  That's why leggings are a must have for any women's wardrobe.  

Here 10 reasons why we Love Leggings and why we think Leggings are more than just for working out.

  1. We can finally throw away our pair of 'fat pants' and substitute them for a pair of soft cotton Leggings and watch our bloated stomachs disappear without the pain and suffering of trying to squeeze into a pair of skinny jeans.
  2. One size fits all shapes and sizes.  Forget searching for the right label like 'curvy' or boyfriend' and grab a pair of leggings and we promise they'll fit.  Leggings are designed to hug all those curves in all the right places.
  3. Leggings can be worn anywhere, and we mean anywhere.  Yoga, Movies, out to the bar, under your snowboard pants, you can literally wear these things wherever you want and not only look stylish but feel comfortable too.
  4. They can be dressed up or dressed down.  These babies are gonna be the most versatile piece of clothing in your wardrobe. 
  5. They are easy to pack.  Worried about getting enough clothes packed in that tiny little bag of yours? No problem, Leggings are super easy to pack. Why pack 2 pairs of jeans when you can pack 10 pairs of Leggings.
  6. Maybe our number one fav thing about Leggings is the fact that there not jeans.  We've been wearing jeans since we were little kids and let get one thing straight, there's nothing comfortable about jeans.  There stiff, there heavy, they're uncomfortable, they don't wrinkle and best of all you never have to worry your tush coming exposed again.
  7. They come in all types of colors and styles.  We all love our Black and White Leggings but the variety of options for Leggings is quite simply limitless.
  8. One word usually comes to mind when people think of Leggings and that's Butts and we can all agree that leggings make our butts look great.
  9. Leggings are super comfy.  No more uncomfortable skinny jeans!
  10. And finally, Leggings are cheap.  What else do we have to say!
So I think we can finally put this debate to rest.  Leggings aren't just for working out or practicing yoga anymore.  Leggings can be dressed to fit any occasion.  No more spending $100 on one pair of jeans and shopping for countless hours to find them.  So next time you need a pair of pants, whether it's for work, working out, or going out, grab a pair of leggings and know that you're going to look good and feel good too.